When it comes to Transportation Savings, what you see is what you get….

Through a unique blend of operational expertise and computer modeling, Transportation Audit Services uncover valuable cost recovery opportunities often missed by traditional audit services.

Leveraging proprietary analytical technology, DSS’ Transportation Audit Services apply proven discovery techniques to:

  • identify opportunities
  • value realizable savings
  • document causal factors
  • resolve operational behavior
  • track solution success

Whether conducted with an historical or a future perspective, this budget-neutral service delivers tangible results on a gain-share basis.

“Historical” audit analysis typically results in vendor/supplier chargebacks or negotiable concessions ranging between 1-2% of annual expense.

Examples of historical opportunities include:

  • Rate/Discount Violations
  • Duplicate Billings
  • Invalid Shipments
  • Untendered Billings
  • Exempt service billings
  • Tiered Volume Compliance

“Future” audit analysis identifies minor process improvements that, once implemented, result in sustained economic value from 7% to as high as 15% of annual expense.

Examples of future opportunities include:

  • Zoneskipping Opportunities
  • Master Carton Consolidation
  • Ground vs. Air alternatives
  • Carton Configuration
  • Returns Process Alterations
  • Modal Optimization
    (Package vs. LTL)

Transportation Audit Services have enabled DSS clients to save millions of dollars in unnecessary transportation costs….
Let us show you what you’re missing.


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