Snapshot is a historical audit of UPS, FedEx or DHL billings to reveal cost recovery opportunities PLUS an introduction to DSS’ acclaimed performance measurement and analytical service, known as OPTICSSM.

Utilizing YOUR “package level” parcel data, Snapshot will illuminate cash recovery opportunities such as duplicate billing, non-shipments, guaranteed service failures and rating errors.

Knowing that financial benefit IS the bottom line, Snapshot shows you the money and makes the case for cost recovery.

Example of an actual client Snapshot included:

  • Over $1 million in duplicate billings per annum
  • $420K recovered for non-shipments billed in error
  • Over $230K deducted from the annual bill for rating errors

Just these three items resulted in over $1.8 million in yearly savings. That’s over 2% of the annual parcel expense.

In summary, do you have:

  1. “Package level” pre or post-audit program in place?
  2. Adequate freight payment visibility?
  3. Can you compare your transportation operation to the competition?
  4. Is your current reporting process considered “actionable”?
  5. Interactive desktop access to essential decision information?
  6. Are you capable of performing “root cause” analysis in an efficient manner?

 If not, then Snapshot could be for you.









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